Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mont Blace du Tacul 4248m

We left around 7am in the morning Chamonix (1030m) with cable car and we arrived around 7h30 in Aiguille du midi (3800m).

We spend around 5h climbing time from Aiguille du midi to Aiguille du midi.
It was exellent day with good weather no wind. We enjoy a lot in this trip.

Altitude min / max : 3800m / 4248m
Elevation positive : 750m
Difficulty ascend part: 550m
Course : Glacier
Orientation: North Face
Itinerary : Same way
Time : One day
Slope : 35° -45°
Difficulty : III (Most of a day of roped climbing)
Grade: PD a littile difficult (Some tehnical climbing and complicated glaciers)

From : Aiguille du midi first descend 250m

Crossing rimaye where to be take care always

Good weather, we enjoying this climbing

Last part mixed around 30m 
It's not extrem so be cool.......

First Summit and our food on the snow direction for second summit

I am standing on second Summit behind me two summits les mots and Mont Blanc

Viwe From second Summut: 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mont Blanc 4810m

Itinerary : Les trois monts
This is also normal route to got summit Mont blanc from Aiguille du midi.
Cable car Chamonix to Aigulle di midi 3842m and decend to join refuge des Cosmiques 3613m.
From refuge cours takes around 6 -7 hours to got summit and same route back around 5 - 6 hours till Aiguille de midi.
I enjoy climb mont blanc from this route.
Weather was excellent in the moring around 6am strong wind up to 4000m. as a sunny day not so cold. Busy route also coz a day good weather  we are around 60 climbers on the same route in morning. Beautiful view panorama i realy enjoy myself.

Altitude Min/Max : 3532m/4810m
Elevation gain : 1660m
length : 22.3km
Overall rating : PD+ (french)
Type of route: Roundtrip / rappelling
Time: 2 days
Slope: 50 °
Orientation: N


After col du Maudit

Sun rise

Mont Blanc with sun rise

Mont blanc

Top of Mont blanc

Mont Maudit

 Col du maudit : Verticul  50°-55° around 50m. 

Verticul  50°-55° around 50m. 

Going up Epaule du Tacul 

Last descend in Tacul

 crossing cravasse 
Col du aiguille du midi camping tentes
Piknik in col aiguille du midi safe place
Climbing up last part to join cable car 

Arrived Aiguille du midi 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Grand Paradis 4061m

History : First ascend  made by John Jeremy Cowell and William Dundas, with guides Michel-Clement Payot and Jean Tairraz, 4 september 1860.

Italian Mounta, Grand Paradis  is one of accessible 4000m summit in Alps for climbers. This mountain is always busy coz in summer there is many climbers come for summit and in winter skier. Also busy coz this mountain give beautiful panorama view from top in other many massif .

Depature from Refuge Vittorio Emanuele II 2735m
Ascend positive 1329m
Hours : around 5h
Difficult : E ( cours in snow )

So glad to meet in this Refuge Vittorio Emanuele II 2735m our Nepali friend. I spead one night there, they are so nice  people all team from this refuge.


Last Camping Pont Breuil 1952m . Valsavarenche : there is road till here.

First day going up to Refuge Vittorio Emanuele II 2735m

Refuge Vittorio Emanuele II

From Refuge

Refuge Vittorio Emanuele II

Depature for Grand Paradis in Italian

They go a place

Every days here is diffirent foot 

Depature in the morning

Morning short : climbers going on

Climbers going up and down

Summit route from left to right follow rige till top of rocky part 

short from starding rock point

view panorama in massif mont blanc

climbers on the route : photo from top

30 maters last summit part is rock bouldering there is around 3,4 bold set already. So every boys can not go easyily on true summit.

Top of Grand Paradis

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Dolomites: I realy like mountains from dolomites. It's amazing place, i think i can spend may days there just run and climb everywhere . I spend one week around  "Tre cime di lavaredo" doing via ferrata and hiking. I most back one day there for alpain rock climbing.

Tre Cime 


Cristalo: i am chating w bird


Via ferrata Cristalo

Via ferrata Cristalo

Via ferrata Galari

Via ferrata Galari on the top

Via ferrata Galari : Tre Cime

Via ferrata Galari

Via ferrata Galari

Via ferrata Galari : mountans

Via ferrata Galari : mountans