Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Life New Hope

Our story : New Life New Hope
Since 25th april eaethquake catastrophe Laprak people are living still scare life.
Our goal was relief from scare life and do refresh and bring smile and do normal environment like for kids.

This time we bring all equipments  for entertainment like music, movie, projecter, many game and medicine for hethpost and sheets for home.

Thank you very much all my donor's.
Special Thanks Asia Education Foundation and Gaurav Man Sherchan.

On the way of Kathmandu to Laprak

monsoon way before Baluwa

After earthquake as a bringe is damage in Baluwa necessary to cross river. monsoon?????? 

Way of Barpak to Laprak

Our Transportation arrived in Gupsi Pakha, Laprak

Manthal Guide school teacher helping to carry sheets

Laxman Gurung , Manthal Gurung and my friend Santi from Spain working hard for Laprak

Only Five fas for kitchen

Medicine handover for Laprak Helthpost. Nepal Army and Anarda Gurung .

Our medicine when we arrived in Laprak with monsoon

She forget how smile, she need help

Life continue

No school, she don't know what to do

They need to play 

Ok he got the new way new life , let's dance

She dance after 3 months . She said : i forget how to dance but i am very happy to dance today.

Boys enjoying alot with new game

Girls playing football  and other new game they are so happy

Kids presenting dance in village for people to make happy and bring slime. It works we win 

This is Result see how they are happy to watch kids dancing and playing

Show time : We manage to show movie with projecter 

It was more then 50 days they don't see TV, Movie, Music so they are so happy

They are all enjoying movie

Nepal army also since long time working hard for Nepali today they are also enjoying and haveing refresh mind

Thank all donor from Lapraki people for this happyness.... :) 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Laprak Relief

Now we have to save this smile

Local sister's helping us as a voluntary 

Laprak new future which we need to save

A mother without house !

Helping us for data collection  Laprak sister's

Lovely mother and lucky son 

She carry rice for family and her sister bring water for her.. 

Distribution mattress 400m 

A yong women who lost almost everything.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Relief Laprak Village

Laprak Relief Part Two

Laprak Relief Part One

Gupsi  (Hill) 2700m where most of #Lapraki people living now with Nepal Army and police camp including  Helipad. 

 Second Rinchilung 2600m Local people campsite

Third Sano Rinchilung 2450m Local people campsite

Fourth Kotanaan 2250m  Local people campsite

Distribution at Mamche 2700m including all 9 ward of Laprak people. #Tap 

#Mission Rinchilung / Sano Rinchilung / Fhepche and Laprak village


Environmental sanitation awareness for local people. We established dumping sites and temporary toilets. We spreas limestone powders to prevent from bad smell and epedemic diseases


Health and Education