Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ski Touring / Ski de Randonnée

Ski Touring (Ski Alpine) 
Ascend / descend with ski, this is fantastic sport in mountaineering.
I dream and wish, have able to do one day in Nepal Himalaya.........
Ski de Randonnée (Ski Alpin)
Monter / descendre à ski, ce sport est fantastique dans l'alpinisme. 
Je rêve et souhait, avoir compétence de faire un jour au Népal Himalaya .........

Thursday, 9 January 2014


During ski, i try also film to see my ski movement. It help me to see my problems and improve for next step.....Also nice to be see replay......a beautiful moment.

Namaste Ski Video Vol : 1 
Thsi is day one

Namaste Ski Video Vol : 2
Day two bad weather but feel better

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I am starting 2014 with ski and going on well then what i expected.

 learn ski with old model is it more difficult but i try it to make different so yes there is different.....
Always nice to be learn ski with Damien. Here i am enjoying more also i have new model ski which is more easy.  
Smile:  ski in the powder
After having some experiance time to go ski alpine-ski touring (ski de rodonnée) White forest ........
Nice to be see our made track 
Going up to discover more......
So cool to see this place in winter
It's done now time to go back and having more fun............
I got good experiance, i enjoy alot.
SEE YOU ....White mountains.......