Saturday, 16 June 2012

Manaslu New Trail

Mt. Manaslu 8163m.
During Around Manaslu Trekking classic route i discover with my teem Gyala Valley where is Three pass gotoTibet and alot of virgin peaks.

Our Project was explore new route  from Samdo to Nar Phu which is two diffirents valley .Continue border line Nepal ,Tibet  to cross 5300m first pass to around 6500m may be more hight pass around 5 Pass from Samdo to Nar Phu. We manage our time aournd in one week arrived from Samdo to Nar Phu. We was not well equipt and we get problem in team so we came back from midel way. so may be next time.....?????????????

Barpak GURUNG Village

#Laprak bigest #GURUNG Village

French #cheese from #Laprak do not miss it if you go to Laprak

#Ganja (smoking is injurious to health)

Just before #Jagat entry point of Manaslu and Tsume Valley

#Chamar Himal range #Tsumevally site


#Bhotiya Girl with #Chopyo

Our team all with bagpak up to 25kg

#Buddhism culture

#Manaslu peak and Yak's 

Buddhism #Mantra


A life we love
#Nawar up to #Samdo
Up to #Samdo

As a begining of the summer river was strong then we accepted

Heading up to get border line  
Nepal site on border 
Tibet site on border
This was our new itinerary to arrived in #NarPhu  but we stop here up to here may be next time 

This is #Kharka made by #Nomade which is pefect for us bivouac 

Dream peak may be one day less 6000m

Larkye Pass 5150m #Bhadre and #Fabrice
As we can't made new route we made Larkye pass classic to arrived in Annapurna.

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