Sunday, 24 November 2013

Larkye Peak

Back from Larkye expedition.

Larkye peak 6249m is located in Manaslu region in Nepal. Which is only one trekking peak from manaslu region till yet.
Mt. Manaslu 8156m
Climbing Larkye peak is not so easy as a other 6000m trekking peaks. Normaly Climb 6000m trekking peak in Nepal, base camp up to summit go to back 1 to 3 days is enough.
For Larkye Peak this is not enough coz up to base camp, most be need to set advance camp and camp I then try summit. This is like expedition style so most be need minmum up to 4 days climbing time.

Manaslu region become more popular for trekker's and climber's. With a short time vacation climber's came to try climb this mountain to got 6000m experiance in the high altitude,Himalaya. Many organization take so light to climb Larkye, as a other trekking peak. Without well information They send climber's and when climber's arrived on the sport they are not able to climb Larkye peak in this short time so in option they climb North peak 6065m since few years. Peak can be climb from base camp or from high camp.This is rocky mix with snow peak. Not easy too but can be able to climb in 2 days. From summit have really beautiful panorama view with Mt. Manaslu, Nadi Chuli, Himal Chuli, Baudha Himal, Sonam Himal, Ganesh Himal, Chamar Himal, Langtang Himal, Annapurna Himal and Tibet.

About my trip:
This season october/ november have alot of snow in the Himalaya.It was a hard season coz of heavy snow. Anyway as i have strong climber's with a great smile we really try our best to push for summit with full power dhat-bhat...I enjoy alot...........
Wild himalayan Blue sheep

On the way of Larkye Pass

Our team in Larkye Pass 5100m for group photo

Mr Bhadre & Gio on action
Setting base camp 4900m

On the top of Larkye Peak

Around Manaslu trekking & climbing Larkye Peak  team : Automne 2013

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