Friday, 4 July 2014

Lobuche Peak 6,119m (20,075ft)

After khumbu icefal avalanche in Mt. Everest as a expedition was give up by teem i have been guiding on Lobuche Peak 6119m. 
Meet group ( Mr.Brain Muller, Karen Diener and Brain Hibbeln )  in Everest base camp and  trek to Lobuche 4700m (4 h.) next day  trek also till Lobuche high camp 5400m ( around 4h) also.
Summit day : Wek-up 3 am in the morning, having brekfast and set get ready to climb. Nice weather, temperature was max -5° in the morning, blue sky with sun so team enjoy climbing. 
From hight camp to crampons poit is rocky with ice in the morning need basic knowlege of rock climbing, to crampons poit till summit is snow part around 40° to 50° slope so most be need knowlege how to work with front poit crampons on ice and hard snow. After around 6 hours climbing we arrived on summit. Always pleasure to see smile with great emotion when climber's are on the top .
Lobuche  (also spelt Lobuje) which lies close to the Khumbu Glacier. There are two main peaks, Lobuche Far East and Lobuche East (often mistaken for Lobuche West which is a separate mountain further west). At 6,145 metres (20,161 ft), Lobuche East is 26 metres (85 ft) higher. Between the two peaks is a long deeply notched ridge.
The first recorded ascent of Lobuche East was made by Laurence Nielson and Sherpa Ang Gyalzen on April 25, 1984.
Lobuche Peak climbing route

Freedom life

Brain : Trek Lobuche to Lobuche high camp 

My team bring on mid way hot drink to encourage member's

Two Brain and Karen enjoying with hot drinks and thank you for team.

Arrived in Lobuche high camp 

Drinking water in high camp

Our home in high camp

Good night friends........

Wek up and ready to climbing Lobuche with smile in this morning 3am

Brain exciting to climb Lobuche Peak

Climbing rock bolder section  

Arrived crampons poit Friend Brain Muller guiding Karen 

Lobuche summit rige

Panorama view on Mt. Everest 8848m.

On mid way, saving energy and pull with jummer  Brain with Karen

Brain having short rest to keep energy for summit push....... 

Buddhism prayer flag on Lobuche summit

Celebration on top: smile pic............

Group picture on summit from left : Brain Muller, Karen Diener, Brain Hibbeln and Me.
 Thank You !

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