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Island Peak (Imja Tse) 6189m

Imja Tse, better known as Island Peak, is a mountain in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal. The peak was named Island Peak in 1951 by Eric Shipton's party since it appears as an island in a sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche. The peak was later renamed in 1983 to Imja Tse but Island Peak remains the popular choice. The peak is actually an extension of the ridge coming down off the south end of Lhotse Shar.
Imja Tse summit was first climbed in 1956 by a Swiss team as a training exercise in preparation for Mount Everest and Lhotse.
Imja Tse is one of the most popular trekking peaks given its difficulty (alpine PD+) and accessibility especially when supported by a Nepalese climbing guide.

Island Peak ( Imja Tse )
Last trip with Mr. Barry Williams : Spring 2014

Everest Base Camp Trekking group with Deana Zabaldo ( Trek Leader) they wish to Barry Williams as a good luck climb Imja Tse with me in Phiriche just before we separate.

Barry having  training in Chukung 

Wek -up with coffee in the mid night

Geting  ready 

After 4 hours climb we have short rest in crampons point 

Summit part : Around up to 200m 50 to 70 degree slope which is hard part of peak. Dangerous when there is many climbers as a ice fall and traffic problem with fixe line.
Continue...climb with beautiful panorama view  with Mt. Amadablam , Peak 41 and other many big mountains

Up to crampons poit there is many crevasses and  vertical part be careful there is always old fixe rope do not depend on use own  guide rope to be sure for sefety  

Barry have great time with perfect weather and view 

Last and hardest part to get summit

Amazing panorama view with two climbing coming up 

Pulling up with jumer on fixe line, always connected with me on my guide rope as a proper safety.

Weather changing so fast : having picture together on that vertical part for his college to Thanks ! 
Lamche village

New and more high brige between Namche and Monju 

 Lukla to Kathmandu flight is depend on fully weather.
Do sure when you make your trip in Khumbu region you will not going to miss your flight international from Kathmandu to your home town.
Thnak you for your visit.

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