Friday, 15 May 2015

Relief Laprak Village

Laprak Relief Part Two

Laprak Relief Part One

Gupsi  (Hill) 2700m where most of #Lapraki people living now with Nepal Army and police camp including  Helipad. 

 Second Rinchilung 2600m Local people campsite

Third Sano Rinchilung 2450m Local people campsite

Fourth Kotanaan 2250m  Local people campsite

Distribution at Mamche 2700m including all 9 ward of Laprak people. #Tap 

#Mission Rinchilung / Sano Rinchilung / Fhepche and Laprak village


Environmental sanitation awareness for local people. We established dumping sites and temporary toilets. We spreas limestone powders to prevent from bad smell and epedemic diseases


Health and Education

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