Friday, 1 May 2015

Help My Laprak

Help my ‪#‎Laprak‬ 
Can call me 9813886759 / 9849542887 or mail: 
Thank you

I was blocked with my teams on the way to Tsum valley at Chisopani, Gorkha. No mobile coverage, no internet and no rescue. All way were blocked by landslide, animals bodies were scattered elsewhere. as main trails were damaged, continue landslide, stone fall and bad weather, we walked through unknown path up and down. Finally reached ‪#‎Laprak‬village. Sirdibas, Kerauja, Machhakhola, Lapsibot, Gumda, Uhiya, Singla and Laprak villages are completely destoryed. there are still no idea how many people death. Still the rescue team can't rescued most of village the injuries from these villages. Many dies due to not rescued in a time. The situation are so critical that there are no electricity, no communication, no food, no safe drinking water and spread of commicable diseases. This all image are #Laprak Village now

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